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About Blazun

Our mission is to bring you the safest drinkware

Blazun Unbreakable Drinkware is the North American brand of the Australian company Polysafe Unbreakable Drinkware, which was born in 2009 due to a high demand for premium quality drinkware in the hospitality industry. Blazun Unbreakable Drinkware and Polysafe export to over 30 countries around the world and offer premium drinkware that has unmatched value on the international market. Blazun Unbreakable Drinkware has offices in Vancouver Canada and Sydney Australia, and is now expanding into the American Market.

Our glasses are versatile and have a wide variety of uses and services such as:

  • Bars, clubs and restaurants
  • Boating and camping
  • Holiday houses and pool parties
  • Schools and hospitals
  • Festivals and much more
Our beer glasses are tested and certified in Australia to Australian Standards and we strive to deliver the very best product to you. Our Mission: To make your venue safe!